Getting to Know You. Getting to Know All About You!

For an agent, getting to know you, the client is key to planning the right trip.  Not just knowing your wants and needs, but also your situations, and by knowing enough to ask you the right questions . We learn a lot from past experiences, so knowing about what you experienced before and how you felt about it is instrumental in getting you the best new experience!

Think of your travel agent as you would your hairdresser, plumber, or accountant. Yes, you could do the job yourself, maybe a even cheaper, but how much longer will it take you to figure it out, and how many mistakes will you make along the way? The Agent knows who has the best skills and tools to do the job for the client at the budget the client has set. A good travel agent is like a trusted contractor.



Agents not only build relationships with clients, they also build them with the suppliers and their reps. Often, using a travel agent who has created a strong relationship on both sides, translates to perks you would not have gotten otherwise.  Perhaps it’s a surprise bottle of wine in your room, or info on a hidden gem of a restaurant that is a local favorite. A great agent works with great companies.  Great companies build their reputations on the way their customers feel about their overall travel experience.

Let’s get to know one another.