2016’s Featured Itineraries for Dawn’s Escapades Travel

Group Travel for a Social World


It’s been a busy week getting together my group travel calendar before hopping on the NCL Breakaway for our cruise from NYC to Bermuda! It wouldn’t be so tough, except I need to have my flyers printed for the Harrisburg River Boat Wine & Cheese event on Sept 20th…which is the day we get back!  Yes, Mike and I will be disembarking, driving back to Harrisburg, getting our supplies and heading to City Island to set up on the Pride as we’ve done each month since May.   I’m pleased to say that Dawn’s Escapades Travel will be the sponsor of next year’s Wine and Cheese events on the River Boat as well!

Cheese and Wine

Regardless, friends, here’s the list so far. There will be an Ireland and Scotland, and possibly Costa Rica added soon.  Please share and I hope you find one for YOUR 2016 Escapade!

January 9-16, 2016          Star Clippers Royal Clipper Grenadine Islands

April 26-May 3,2016       Tulip Time for Essential Holland and Belgium

June 21-Jul 1, 2016          Legendary Danube Prague to Budapest

July 20-Aug 1, 2016       Taste of Bordeaux Wine Cruise

Oct 14-23, 2016                Paris and Normandy Art Cruise

Oct 25-Nov 3, 2016          Canals, Vineyards and Paris Wine Cruise

Mar 12-19, 2017                Cedar Cliff Class of ’82 Friends & Family Cruise on  NCL Getaway


* It is highly recommended to fly in at least a day early to help combat jet lag on European itineraries. Flights, pre- and post tour packages are available at an additional sum.  Travel insurance is ALWAYS recommended when traveling outside of the USA.